#13 It’s Just Another Case of that Old IVF! with NyJa Carter

In today’s episode, we talk to NyJa Carter about her fertility story and her fight for health equity in African American and Latino communities.

We talk about a variety of topics including:

– The medical negligence NyJa and her baby experienced early on her Motherhood and fertility journey

– NyJa’s personal fertility journey including the ups and downs that finally led to be an IVG mom of 2 boys

– The importance of maternal leave and the balance mothers juggle between work and family while navigating the healthcare system

More background on today’s guest:

NyJa Carter’s passion is to fight for equal health equity in the African American and Latino community through advocacy and policy reform. She is a IVF mom of 2 boys who strives to normalize breastfeeding in minority women while supporting those who suffer from infertility. Mrs. Carter graduated at the top of her class from the University of New England where she received her Master’s in Public health. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Services-Mental Health from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. She is currently working on obtaining her IBCLC (Lactation Consultant Certification) to help increase minority breastfeeding rates. She’s talked on panels and social media live’s discussing her infertility experience, her goals on breaking the cycle of not being given a seat at the table and expressing her perseverance to be an inspirational influencer regarding infertility.

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