#14 No Time for Endo (Endometriosis) Part 1 with Monique Stroud

In today’s episode, Dr. Jill and Sinora talk about endometriosis with Monique Stroud, MBA.

As many as 20%-50% of women experiencing infertility have endometriosis. However, according to the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology it is more challenging for women of color, specifically Black women to get diagnosed for endometriosis.

Monique bravely shares her story of having dealt with the full spectrum of fertility issues including endometriosis, breast cancer, and finally her own pregnancy journey.

Monique Stroud is what some would call a true warrior! She is an advocate for Endometriosis and a Breast Cancer Survivor. During the month of March, which is Endometriosis Awareness Month, she was informed that after having her “miracle baby” she no longer suffers from the condition she has had for 30 years of her life. She is a Penn State University Alum and writes a blog that highlights how her infertility and cancer have affected different aspects of her life. She uses her blog to allow others to relate to her unique journey to motherhood and help encourage them to feel comfortable telling their own stories. She is extremely passionate about women’s issues around the world. It is her goal to continue being an advocate for women struggling with chronic conditions that may cause infertility. Even though cancer is a terribly negative thing, it has changed her life for the better. She has become the strongest version of herself to inspire others on how going into warrior mode can help them overcome anything. She tells people that “I had cancer, but cancer didn’t have me because it picked the wrong one to try to mess with. I’m Wonder Woman and if you don’t believe it………I’ll show you my super powers!”

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