#15 Now That We Froze Eggs, What Are We Gonna Do With It?! Part 1 with Dr. Elise Grace

In today’s episode, we talk to Dr. Grace, the Director of Strategic Alliances within the Merck’s Global Human Health Division. She shares her personal story of being diagnosed with fibroids yet successfully undergoing egg retrieval!

In this episode, Dr. Jill & Sinora go deep with Dr. Grace on:

  • Her experience unknowingly having over 30 fibroids
  • Her decision and journey of retrieving and freezing her eggs
  • The implications that come with frozen eggs and relationships

Dr. Grace wishes she started the process earlier in her 30’s, but it’s better late than never. Her hope is that she inspires someone with her journey and that many more women start having open candid conversations about fertility options and family planning!

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