#9 You can’t play with my IUD! Exploring Fertility & Relationships

In today’s episode we talk to fellow Drexel graduates Dr. Zupenda Davis-Shine and Crystal Goliday about fertility and relationships. Crystal also drops golden nuggets on how to go to college completely debt free.

We cover a variety of topics including:

– Dr. Zupenda’s opens up with her personal fertility journey and the role fertility played in her relationships

– How busy women like Crystal and Dr. Zupenda find solitude and create space to take breaks

– The long-time friendships shared between Dr. Zupenda and Dr. Baker, as well as Sinora and Crystal!

More background on today’s guests:

Dr. Zupenda Davis-Shine

Dr. Zupenda has twenty years of experience in applying social and behavioral science and public health practice to program development, delivery, evaluation, and training at the local and national levels. She is a Social & Behavioral Scientist and Community Health Educator. She received her doctoral degree with a specialty in Community Health and Prevention from Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health. She also has a Masters in Public Health from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, School of Public Health (now Rutgers School of Public Health). Dr. Zupenda is passionate about improving the health status and quality of life for vulnerable populations and advocating for underrepresented groups.

Crystal Goliday

Crystal is on a mission to make happiness, education, and health accessible to everyone. Crystal Goliday, MS, MBA is “The Fund Finder For Education” that equips scholars with the skills to attend their dream university DEBT FREE, successfully complete college, and continue to thrive after graduating college. Crystal utilizes her wealth of knowledge that she acquired to earn all three of her degrees for FREE while having things like conferences, housing, and fees also paid for; being recruited and relocated by a couple of Fortune 500 companies (Lockheed Martin and Accenture), and founding her nonprofit (Never Underestimate Knowledge, a 501(c)(3) where resources are provided to inner city youth and domestic violence survivors).

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