Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Hilarity ensues when three lifelong friends from the Bronx get together to discuss their issues with fertility and female reproductive health. Réal, Sinora and Jillian launch their podcast, A Tribe Called Fertility, with an introduction to who they are, where they come from and how they’ve dealt with their individual fertility issues. Through this podcast, their hope is to support Black families through their fertility journeys, as well as provide possible solutions for maternal outcomes for Black women.


Réal is a publicist and a mom who was diagnosed with PCOS. She is passionate about finding ways to manage her symptoms and reverse the condition.

Sinora is a holistic nurse who experienced unexplained fertility while trying to conceive, and she is currently living with PCOS. She and her husband were able to conceive naturally, and they also experienced complications during the birth and delivery of her son.

Jillian is a professor and a community health researcher, and she and her husband experienced fertility issues while trying to conceive. The couple was able to conceive with the help of clomid with their pregnancy.

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