(REUPLOAD) Got a C-Section Story To Tell!

Wine down with us in this episode where Jill and Sinora share their birth story of C-section delivery.

Be warned before pressing play: this is not your typical boring podcast episode! Listening to this episode requires you to be in a bubble bath, a wine of your choosing and be ready to laugh with us as Dr. Jill and Sinora recounts the story of the birth of their children and how painful, agonizing, traumatic and all so worth it it all was.

Topics Covered:

  • Jill and Sinora’s long and challenging C-Section birth delivery
  • How God send you angels when in distress
  • Skin to skin & breastfeeding
  • A child’s personality inside the utero is the same when they are out of the utero

About The Show:

A Tribe Called Fertility is a platform to share conversations about maternal health, black families and their experiences around fertility. Our mission is to provide support and possible solutions to decrease birth disparities for black babies and maternal mortality outcomes for black women.

Read more about the hosts and their birth stories in Our Stories page.

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