S2 Episode 9 It Was All Good Just A Pregnancy Ago with Dr. Felicia Sumner

Lean in as we listen to Dr. Felicia Sumner’s birth stories, postpartum scare and lessons she has shared with us in this episode. Dr. Sumner is a survivor and evidence that even with her experience and knowledge, her birth story was not an exemption to the collective experience of black mother’s battle to high mortality rate.

We hope that you picked up a thing or two from this episode and enjoyed it as much as we have. We are definitely looking forward to having Dr. Sumner back!

Topics Covered:

  • Not using contraceptives helps with healthy fertility journey
  • Dr. Sumner’s birth stories
  • Severe hemorrhage
  • Importance of having family around postpartum
  • Why having a doula can be so beneficial during your delivery
  • What your stomach should feel like after delivery
  • Top 4 tips from Dr. Sumner
  • Always ask questions

About The Show:

A Tribe Called Fertility is a platform to share conversations about maternal health, black families and their experiences around fertility. Our mission is to provide support and possible solutions to decrease birth disparities for black babies and maternal mortality outcomes for black women.

Read more about the hosts and their birth stories in Our Stories page.

About Dr. Felicia Sumner:

Dr Felecia Sumner

Functional Medicine Physician & Co-owner

Synergize Direct Primary Care

Dr. Felecia Sumner is a board-certified family & functional medicine physician, nationally- recognized speaker, best-selling author and personal survivor of severe postpartum complications.

As a physician who encountered dynamics causing chronic illness and burnout early in her medical career, she now uses her Direct Primary Care practice and functional medicine training to live out her aspirations and give back to her patients in a more meaningful way.

Dr. Sumner is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and Crozer Family Medicine Residency with additional training from the Institute for Functional Medicine, School of Applied Functional Medicine, and Functional Medicine University.

Of personal note, Dr. Sumner lives in Delaware County, PA with her loving husband and 3 feisty yet angelic daughters. She is the owner and physician at Synergize Direct Primary Care – a family medicine practice aimed to provide better access, service, and value to her patients and get to the root cause of disease.

Connect with Dr. Felicia Sumner:

Website: synergizedpc.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drfeleciasumner/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drfeleciasumner/?hl=en

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